Makes you pit a line oan!


That’s the old gag and phoenetic translation of Hibees’ new manager’s name; Mixu Paatelainen. But I tell you what, new manager or not, I’d not be rushing to bet on Hibs putting Inverness Caley Thistle out of the cup this afternoon. I hope these are non-prophetic words. But time will tell.


Hibs 1 Thistle 1


Thistle 2 Hibs 0

Will Thistle win the cup? Will they buggery.

New work

We were beavering away before Christmas at 60 Watt on this rather good campaign, if I say so myself. Kept me out of the pub at least some of the time. Hope you like it.elb739_january-campaign-a4_aw.jpg

That’s the chaps’ version.

And this is the chapess’s.


Check 60 Watt out here.

We also made several thousand of those smiley devises and stuck them on wooden sticks to distribute around the gyms. They look fab and are really quite amusing.

The power of amatuer theatre


The family went to the theatre last night. As we have many, many times before, given my dad’s extensive involvement in am dram.

This particular venture was to see my sister, Jane as Queen Evira, in Holy Cross Players’ production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. It was a local church production so, in all honesty, our expectations were not sky high, we were anticipating a lot of endevour, some in jokes and a quick getaway. How far from the truth could we possibly have been?

What a magnificent production it was. Jane was awesome and my Dad would have been so proud of her. She had the audience in the palm of her hands, threatening a shortened interval and reduced chance for that cheeky wee glass of wine we so look forward to if we booed and hissed once more. Cackling demonically and losing the plot with her hapless henchman Igora, played by Denise Simpson.

The script was hilarious, having been adapted to suit the fictional lands of Ferry Roadia and West Erhailes by the director Tony, Philip Lewis and Lou Milligan.  Each and every member of the cast looked like they were having the time of their life.  Snow White was perfectly cast, the stooges were hilarious and the two big set pieces; an echoing well and a Monty Pythonesque skit based on an exchange something like this…



“No I said what!”

“Don’t you mean pardon?”


“No, pardon!”

It was a hoot.

Every single principle could sing. That’s a rarity!

The whole show was life-affirming.

Congratulations to the director, one of my Dad’s many Proteges, Tony Delicata and all his production team.

Highlight of the week, by far..