Oh dear. What to make of it all.

I’m going to Tynecastle tomorrow, full of trepidation. Hearts are playing dreadfully.

And yet.  And yet.  Why is it that I set off with a sense of foreboding?

Hibs got off to a Mixu flyer but you know what? I hate Tynie. It’s a graveyard of our dreams. Last time I was there we got a right good skelping.

On the other hand there was this.


The real underlying problem with Hibbyness just now though is the delicate balance between fiscal probity (Mr Petrie) and success on the field. Collins showed his hand in The Hootsman today but I think he had his own agenda too.

Murphy’s off. Another £2m in the coffers and what does Mixu immediately say? None of it, NONE, is going to buy new players. That’s a tough gig for the big man.

However, he has signed Rankin from ICT. I’m inclined to say, so what, but I’ll hold my council.

Getting Ian Murray back, on the other hand, could be inspired.


I will never, ever forget the shift he put in as a lad against AEK Athens. He nearly DIED of cramp but played all 120 minutes. Astonishing. Nearly one of Easter Rod’s immortal moments if Paco had buried that header in normal time for a hat-trick.

Ok, he did the Judas bit going across to Rangers, but I blame the agents, and he’s no doubt learned a lesson from that.

‘Mon the cabbage.

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