Total world domination


Here’s a fact.


The difference in ranking terms between world golf number one,  Tiger Woods, and number two, Phil Mickelson, is GREATER than the difference between Phil Mickelson and the World number 1,000.


That is why Tiger Woods is a god.  It just so happens he is decent, honest, truthful, faithful and, dare I say it, handsome.

Tiger is closer this year than ever in the past to concievably winning the Grand Slam of Majors.  I suspect he will slip up somewhere and have to settle for three, startiong with The Masters in April.  And his performance in The Buick last week, on the course that hosts the US Open, suggests that is in the bag too.  He’s only played two tournaments thus far in 2008.  The result?  Two wins.

The scale of that achievement was demonstrated vividly last night when J B Holmes picked up his second ever career win (unusual in most golfers to achieve even two). His reaction said it all.


On the other hand, two wins in two weeks, one in Europe, one in the US, says that even Tiger is perhaps under-represented by his world ranking.

3 thoughts on “Total world domination

  1. This demands a reply. Tiger Woods is everything you descibed him as and more. He plays the very best golf ever played and has shots that most others can only dream about. At 32 he is well on his way towards Jack’s record and, so far, appears to be able to adapt his swing to protect his back, something the great Seve failed to do as he got into his 30’s.
    That is mainly because Tiger is a much more cerebral athlete with an acute awareness of physiology and how his spine is affected by the mind boggling power he creats.

    BUT….he he still has some way to go to equal, far less exceed the record of Jack Nicklaus, in terms of Majors won and longevity as a serious competitor. The other factor is the competition. Jack competed with some of the best golfers of all time over nearly 4 decades. Palmer, Player, Trevino, Norman, Watson, Seve, Faldo. They were all multi major winners. So while the depth of competition today is far greater and the average golfer far better there are no real serious rivals in the image of those I mentioned. Els is a lazy under achiever. Mickelson is a beta-blocker addled pussy. VJ is a cheat and a bore. Duval has sunk without trace etc etc.

    So Hail Tiger for his remarkable acheivements but come back to me in 15 years and we’ll see who the all time greatest is.



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