Quel disastre

Are any of you aware of Scrabulous?

It is probably the single best feature of Facebook. Basically it is online Scrabble and, in various degrees, it has engrossed the Gorman family. Most of all, Jeana.

She called me to the computer an hour ago and bemoaned the fact that although she had played some good words her online (random) competitor was kicking her derrière.

“Look at this” she said. “It’s not fair.”

The aforementioned competitor was clocking up big numbers. If truth be told I didn’t pay too much attention to the detail of the words but sniggered a little at the score. Half an hour later she ventured “Is She French?”

“What are you talking about?” I queried

“Well, I’ve just realised that her words are all French and she seems to be playing with the French dictionary switched on.”

Jeana had managed to play six, (Je suis desolee, six) rounds of what she thought was an English Scrabble game in French, without noticing.

What’s all the more amazing is that she had already scored 111 points. (Actually, that’s better than she usually does when she plays in English.)

Doh! (Je suis desolee, Doh!)

And if you doubt me, here is the proof.

Now, guess which words Jeana played. I’ll give you a clue cuirais and cabanon and observais and vengea and henne are not hers.


7 thoughts on “Quel disastre

  1. merde, alors, qu’est ce que c’est, un cabanon? Je me demands, de temps en temps, si certains gens jouent au scrabulous avec un large dictionary dans l’autre main…

    Jeez, That’s like a bloody foreign language to me.



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