He’s at it again


My old sparring partner, and later boss, Rob Morrice has shared his views on how Scottish advertising can evolve in The Drum, England.

As an ex employee of Halls it is my duty to share this with you and invite comment.

So, here goes.

“I think in order to sort Scotland out what you should do is find all the people who have any connection with that old, famous agency Hall Advertising and put them out to grass. Scotland needs younger people and new ideas. Too many people in Scotland are still trying to emulate the glory days of the 80s and 90s. The work Scotland is producing has not changed. The big agencies are just paying lip service to new disciplines and have not really embraced areas such a digital and direct marketing.”

It is a classic Morrice rant – which was a reminder of another question. Why has he been so quiet of late?

“I simply wanted to prove I could keep my gob shut.”

Rob is, of course, entitled to his opinion but this seems rather a sweeping statement.

If we put all the people who have any connection to Halls out to grass we’d have to say bye bye to 60 Watt (Sorry Pete), The Leith Agency (Gerry you couldn’t cut the mustard mate, or you Les), me (but I’m not so much an agency as a cottage industry), The Scottish Government (Roger Goldie is an exHalls boy), Tayburn Advertising (Jon Stevenson), Will Atkinson and Jim Downie, The Union (Andrew Lindsay was a senior art director at Halls asnd Mark Reid a planner), The Union Leeds (Clive Goldstien) TMP (where Guy Gumm is now Creative Director), Feather Brooksbank (Sorry Stuart(s) you’re old hat mate), Golley Slater (Ian Scott started out at Halls), Scotinform (Janet Sylvester and Sheena Muncie), Story (you’re history, thanks to Mike Donoghue), Hush (Jeez, they’ve not even started yet but Gary Smith did the wrong thing by setting up Hall Direct), Mighty Small (Well that seems an appropriate name now doesn’t it Adrian).

You get my point.

There will be many I’ve missed.


Anyway.  The whole sorry episode is revealed in far greater depth in The Drum Scotland tomorrow (Friday).

Check it out. And comment on their website too!