recent listening

This is a bit different. A modern take on folk as a kind of folk supergroup. They could have called themselves Sky Ba’tat!


Led by Martin and Eliza Carthy and featuring Sheila Chandra, Benjamin Zephania, Paul Weller, Trans-Global Underground, Billy Bragg, The Copper Family and Tuung it maybe shouldn’t work, but it does.

However, even though it’s a new take on folk if you don’t like folk you won’t like this. If you’re ambivalent it might just swing it for you.

They are The Imagined Village. What’s most interesting is when they meld olde English Folk with ‘World Rythms’ so that the percussion can be really interesting and exciting, particularly on the song “Cold Haily Rainy Night.”


The other thing that’s heavily rotating on the car stereo is the soundtrack from Juno featuring a bunch of quirky off-beat stuff. “A bit kooky” would, I suppose, sum it up and no better demo of that is the Velvet Underground’s “I’m sticking with you” which is, for those of you that know it, is not typical Velvets.

In addition it features Dearest by Buddy Hololy which is really rather good and A Well Respected Man by The Kinks, thereafter you’re into Belle and Sebastian territory with a couple of contributions (Expectations and Piazza. New York Catcher). But the real backbone of the album is a bunch of college bands from the US that I’ve never heard of but would like to find out more, principally Kimya Dawson, but also Barry Louis Polisar, Antsy Pants and The Moldy Peaches.

Here’s some Kimya…


It’s all good fun, feelgood stuff.

Well worth a tenner.

4 thoughts on “recent listening

  1. Already well acquainted with imagined village – didn’t know you were that keen on folk! I first heard them listening to radio Two folk awards. Actually Mike Harding’s programme is always worth a listen. while i’ve always been into folk music sometimes the stuff he digs up really surprises me. people talk about a rennaissance in folk music but truth be told the genre has been steadfastedly ploughing it’s own furrow for more many years. Another radio programme worth checking out is on radio scotland on sunday nights. Can’t remmember who presents or what it’s called but has a broad folk, blues, country airplay.Haven’t listened for a while but usually worth checking out for new stuff.
    that’s where i first heard Jackie Leven. Listen if you haven’t already.


  2. I’ve always been into folk actually just don’t buy it a great deal. Have occassionally lidstened to Mike Harding who is good and the show on Radio Scotland is, I think, Travelling Folk.


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