The Hold Steady


This great band from Brooklyn NYC were in Glasgow last night playing at The Garage. Ian Dommett and I attended and were blown away by their passion, energy and sheer musicianship. An outstanding gig by a top notch band.

They even did Chips Ahoy justice. Boys and Girls in America, the first encore was peerless.

And Stuck Between Stations? Well, judge for yourselves.


The support were excellent too, look out for them. Good old Rock and roll. The Haze, from Maybole,

First single out next month. 

7 thoughts on “The Hold Steady

  1. The band that we supporting the hold steady at glasgow garage on 25th Febuary were not from Maybole. This is another band by the same name. The boys were the HAZE from GLASGOW!!!!


  2. very sorry to have missed this gig…was away overnight with work, unfortunately…or i would have been there. they were the best band at glastonbury last year by a country mile

    you lucky men

    did they play multitude of casualties? i love that song…


  3. I am the Sister of one of the members of the Haze. They are from GLASGOW (the bouncer is also right by saying Dumbarton but as the nearest big city and their management company are from Glasgow this is what they go by). There is another band called the Haze from Maybole and they keep getting mixed up with my brother’s band but the maybole band are in the process of changing their name. The band’s website is Check them out – you will see that this is the right band.


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