The next big thing?

The Ting Tings. Mark my words, you saw it here first. (Well, if you’re over 40n taht is, they’ve been building a big fanbase of myspace for a while and have played Glastonbury and played Jools as you can see from this vid.)

It’s a really interesting and original act from Salford.


First single (proper) is out on March 3rd. This is it…


Calm it…

I am occasionally accused of being a bit OTT in my enthusiasm for things. I don’t really consider that a weakness. What’s wrong with as bit of enthusiasm?

However, this guy, Steve Ballman takes it to the nth degree. Thanks to Steve Douglas for pointing me in the right direction.



Eldon Tyrell


My blog has been infected by Eldon Tyrell wannabees. (See he’s at it again comments.)

One is an asswipe (although I must admit I hadn’t copped the Bladerunner reference at first and I was probably being bated, so maybe he’s actually a great wit).

The other is my pal, agent provocateur and known asswipe, Rob Morrice, feebly attempting to pass himself off as Mr T. For those of you who work for a living it’s probably too much to either keep up with or care about. For the rest of us (me) it’s rather amusing.

The question is; Do sheep have electric dreams?