Is it my imagination?


Or did I hear that Hillary Clinton claimed she landed under sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia?

Because this is the news footage from her arrival at the time.

I think you can welcome President Obama to the world stage.

Maybe it’s not just Britain that has a Bliar.

8 thoughts on “Is it my imagination?

  1. Until now Clinton was my pick for pres, mainly due to experience and I thought billy was ok. Now I’m thinking it’s got to be Obama, inexperienced though he is. why don’t they just do a deal – Obama for pres, Hills for Vice pres – black and female, surely that would be an unbeatable dream ticket.


  2. In that case I’d go for the one with the biggest tits then.
    (Although they did that the last time but just got one big tit instead….}


  3. That is a very deep worry becuase those two will have ripped the shit out of each other and not have the strength to go through the real thing. A presidential election.

    But isn’t McCain just a trifle dull?


  4. Rather dull and harmless than Bush and useless?

    And of course if he had jelly in one ear and custard in the other, he might be a trifle deaf too…


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