word of the week

Hillary Clinton’s lying about the sniper fire non-incident in Bosnia led to her defending herself by misusing a little used word.

She claims she did “mis-speak”.

To misspeak is to mispronounce or use a word incorrectly.  But which part of lying about an incident is mis-speaking?

Has she been reading ‘Lanark’ by Alistair Gray set in the land of “unthank”?


Perhaps we can add a few more words to the English language.

To swear is to mis-compliment.

To hack someone at football is to mis-tackle.

To murder is to mis-propogate.

To crash your car is to mis-drive.

To miss a putt on the golf course is to mis-not miss.

To bunk school is to mis-attend.

Any more thoughts folks?

One thought on “word of the week

  1. To have an affair is to mis-marry

    To have an unsuccessful album is to mis-hit

    To have a sex change is to mis-Ms

    To make a faux-pas is to mis-appropriate

    To starve is to mis-ingest

    To remain sober is to mis-drink (geddit?)


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