A world first

Jeana discovers a new band and the Altzheimers doesn’t kick in.

She remembers their name!

They are Fleet Foxes and they were (apparently) the darlings of SXSW this year. They remind me a little of Midlake which is probobaly why they are on the fantabulous Bella Union Records label.



It also explains why they do Fleetwood Mac covers.

4 thoughts on “A world first

  1. And heres a challenge from my wife who has spent all day singing me one line of a song that she’s forgotten the title of.
    I reckon the Gormans can crack it…
    It has a line it that has something to do with a guy called “Morrice” or Moreese as she sings it, followed by a whistle.
    I’m stumped.
    I have to get it our of her head before bedtime!


  2. I know that one, it’s an old song. She sings Moreese ina high voice. I’m a singer, I’m a old time….. on my own. then the chorus goes Moreese in a high pitched tone.

    Yeah, no idea what it’s called though other than Moreese.

    Mark will know.

    T and I obviously pay the same amount of attention to songs as each other.


  3. I reckon it’s that! But Tee’s happy with The Joker though..she still thinks the slide guitar sounds like someone whistling…and thats the bit she liked.
    Just the whistle.
    Easily pleased.
    Even though it’s a guitar in real life.


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