New golf season starts with a bang

May I introduce you to the Tiger Woods of South Queensferry?


One tournament played in the 2008 season.

One victory.

Yes, I am that good. I may have a late developing career as a professional golfer because today I, dear reader, won the opening day Texas Sramble at Dundas Parks with my team members, Paul, Calum, Trisha and Ewan.

In a nine hole contest we shot six pars and three birdies which, after deducting our handicap of ten, gave us a net score of 22 (13 under par)..

Tiger. When did you last shoot 13 under par?

Tom had to sit watching (total loser) as we walked elegantly and dignified to the stage to receive our trophy. A bottle of Scotmid Red Wine and six quid.

Whoo hoo.

4 thoughts on “New golf season starts with a bang

  1. Well done you. Not a clue that they had a golf game named after Texas, but I’m loving the hand on the hip! Congrats. I play on the wii a bit…does that count?


  2. I’m never sure where the word “golf” originated from. Some say from the Dutch word kolf, meaning club or stick. Others say it is acronymic in the same way as the word posh is and means Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

    Looking at this picture and follow-up comments I would say, maybe, another acronym……Gay Old Lord Farquar.

    The pose certainly reminds me of a nursery rhyme invloving handles and spouts.

    I’ve seen this picture before on your blog, Mark, and it is literally (if I can borrow another wee acronym) LOL. It makes me do just that everytime.

    The salmon pink shirt and pose is enough but now that the “jobby” has been brought to my attention, you’ve nailed it – A true “Turd Burglar” *

    *turd burglar n.
    Stealthy thief who forces entry into the rear of a person’s premises via the chocolate drainpipe.


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