Make way for the new David Bailey…


I am a published photographer.

It’s not quite Magnum but it’s better than nowt.

For those of you who can’t be bothered with links this is my moment of fame. And you can see more on my Flickr site which is easily accessed in the sidebar to the left.


2 thoughts on “Make way for the new David Bailey…

  1. Oh god, I’ll have to wait around even longer when we go out for walks/cycles and he sees something to take a photo. He’ll say “I’m a published photographer, you know.”

    Yeah, but I just want to go for a walk and a cup of coffee.


  2. Schmap’s used a few of mine for Austin and I think one for Murryfield. I never considered myself published though – I tend to look on the half empty side, think I should add it to my cv book of pleanty?!

    Well done you. Much earned. A great concept Schmap, but funny, I never think about it when I’m looking into a place to visit. Maybe they need to work on their marketing… hrm…


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