Ricky and Bianca are on the way back

Which newspaper TV critics are on top of this we ask ourselves?


Perhaps if you are a TV critic you might want to show your Whitelaw. Sorry, hand.

I used to rather fancy Patsy Palmer if the truth be told. It’s the ginger hair.

20 thoughts on “Ricky and Bianca are on the way back

  1. As long as this reunion manages to resurrect Syd Owen’s moribund reggae-lite pop career, then it will obviously be the greatest innovation since Edison invented the sponge.


  2. You know what. I thought it might have been as I typed, but my pause button was jammed in the “off” position.

    Anyway you’ll have to explain the fizzy milk gag ‘cos I don’t get it “my friend”.


  3. “my friend” – was an attempt at cleaning up my language – i was going to call you fannybaws but decided to be nice.

    And fizzy milk is simply milk that’s fizzy – you know, to get coca cola addicted kids to drink healthy milk again, except my soda stream blew up in the early prototype testing.


  4. I don’t like the way cheeses leaves a nasty after residue on the back of your tongue.
    I think you should start a thread on cheese to see if anyone else thinks cheese is Satans sperm.


  5. Actually, the more I think about your most recemnt comment Scozzie, the more it sends extraordinarily worrying signals.

    Is your wife aware of your knowledge of the proximity in taste/texture of satan’s sperm and cheese.

    And as a respectable businessman do you think you want to be discussing these proclivities quite so publicly.


    I’m just the moderator.

    Say what you like sperm boy.


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