what goes around, comes around

Anyone having the misfortune to have to get around Edinburgh at any point between now and 2011 will find this image particularly resonant.  Because the brilliant tram system (I’m told) that was ripped out a couple of generations ago is being put back in again.  In a modern and congested city centre that means upheval.

A bit like this.


The description that goes with it is as follows…

Laying tram lines, Leith Walk

Labourers work at laying tramlines in the cobblestone road down Leith Walk, Edinburgh. Many of the men’s tools can be seen, these include wheelbarrows, pickaxes and shovels. Some of the workers are sitting amongst piles of loose stones which have yet to be replaced around the tramlines. In the background are tenement buildings, a hotel, and some shops, above one there is a clock tower.