The Searchers may be a good movie – but it’s a bit slow.

At the back of Edinburgh Waverley opposite the Fruitmarket Gallery, said arts establishment has erected an art installation by Douglas Gordon. It’s a screening, on a bespoke screen, of The Searchers slowed down to run over a five year period because that was the timeframe over which the movie ran.

It runs 24/7 but isn’t very visible in daylight.

You’d get through a few popcorns though wouldn’t you. If you watched the whole thing, like

It’s called 5 Year Drive By (The Searchers) and I think it’s rather a good idea, if all a little silly really.

Football’s gone bonkers

The Cabbage could get into Europe.

Hearts could win the Diddy League. (Although, if memory serves me correctly Mr Romanov predicted that they should be, about now, in the Semi Finals of the Champion’s League defending last year’s title)

Carlisle United look like getting promoted two years’ running.

Queen of the South, yes, Queen of the South are in tomorrow’s Scottish Cup Final.  If they win they’ll be dancing in the streets of Queen of the South (in fact by all accounts they already are.

Cardiff City are in the English FA Cup Final and they’re not even English.

Rangers are in the EUFA Cup Semi Final.

I blame it on global warming.