The last shadow puppets

Oooh a real treat on Jools last night. The debut of the Last Shadow Puppets which is a side project of Alex Turner (little monkey that he is) and Miles Kane (Eck’s best mate from The Rascals). I was gonna show you some of their stuff but they seem to be banned from Youtube for copyright reasons, so you’ll have to do with the cover of the album instead.

Supported by a small orchestra, well it wasn’t the Boston Symphonia, they performed “In my Room” which, I have to say, was electric. (Albeit mostly acoustic.)

Alex Turner is a major talent on these shores and I just hope he goes on to prove it and that we (ha ha “we” – I mean of course the music press who love to knock people down as soon as they get up) give him the space to do it. More importantly (in the short term). I just hope that the Jools gig is backed up by the album.

Incidentally, weren’t Portishead strange? Anything but the background music that I’ve been led to believe the forthcoming album is. For my part I can barely contain myself.