An atheist was walking along a cliff edge when he slipped and fell to his almost certain death, but fortuitously he grabbed onto a branch sticking out from the cliff face. Having gathered his wits he immediately began screaming for help.

To no avail.

In a last ditch act of desperation he looked to the heavens and shrieked…

“is there anybody out there?

A voice boomed back…

“Yes! GOD!”

“Can you help me?” whimpered the aetheist.

“Of course, put your faith in me and let go of the branch. You will then fall into my protective arms.” responded God.

A long pause ensued, broken by the aetheist who then shrieked…

“Is there anybody else out there?”

11 thoughts on “Atheism

  1. Hi and thanks for your link. I did think about the similarities between the Very Old Story and the atheist over the cliff, but ultimately they are different. The atheist on the cliff tells us about Faith, the Strawberry tells us about here-and-now experience.


  2. Hey, but god always prefers anonymity. Well at least he/she/it* has never manifested herself/himself/itself anywhere in my experience. Well not that I ever noticed.

    (*select preference)

    Naaa… the simpler answer is that I followed a link from The Drum 4um a few weeks back and have been looking in now and again. Strangely compelling at times and as a long time snapper myself, some interesting and very nice pics in here as well.


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