Ooh, lots of readers this month

It’s getting busy round these parts. Thank you for reading.

11 thoughts on “Ooh, lots of readers this month

  1. I wonder what the balance is? Word of mouth against viral/internet activity.

    Can I be classed as an “opinion former” in both cases?

    I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy the gibberish delights for 10 months and recommend it via links and boozy chats as a daily dose to those who read blogs (same folks that don’t read a daily paper these days)….

    ….And especially to those who enjoy a mix of the intellectual, the informative, the cultural reviewing, the humour, the life-affirming, the photography, the sporty, the ranting and, most important of all, the downright silly…..

    …..You hold the right to be unashamedly ridiculous very dear, Mark Gorman, and I salute you for it.

    A great blog that is right up there with the best. I’m perhaps a little biased given that I’m male, Scottish, eastcoast and of a green n’ white persuausion but hey-ho. The golf sucks!

    Congrats on these figures. An impressively steep incline. It’s borderline genius.

    Keep it going.

    [ Just stick the fiver in the post, mate.
    Can I get off your dick now please? ;o) ]


  2. Haha – nicely edited. The problem IS fixed.

    So that’s what it meant by a “duplicate comment”!
    Duh….who put da lights out…….I thought if I changed a word or two it would take it but to no avail.

    Man, having a comment posted on this site is like waiting on a bus….


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