Sir Walter, The Scot

Is Walter Smith the greatest football manager Scottish football has ever enjoyed?

I think so.

I was in Glasgow tonight to witness, in a pub, the effect this remarkable man has had on a patently average football team. Not only has he achieved greatness for Rangers Football Club but he has done so with six Scottish players on the pitch. Sadly, two of them Hibbies.

Clearly Rangers were not actually better than Fiorentina (or Werder Bemen, or Sporting Lisbon) but they beat them all- this is not typically Scottish behaviour.

But a Scottish team, is in a European Final.

This is genuinely something to celebrate.

C’mon the Gers!

8 thoughts on “Sir Walter, The Scot

  1. The trusty 7 iron does the trick again. Hurrah for the boys in blue. Your sentiments and warm wishes are most welcome Mr G. And distinctly un-Scottish – in a good way. Yeah we all know there’s a distinctly unsavoury side to a hefty chunk of Rangers’ support. And we all know about the shameful bigotry that was until only a few decades ago practically part of official club policy. But fact is, they’re trying to move on. And anyway, as you said, it’s a Scottish team in a European final. Of course some pernicious sneering punters can never forgive Rangers for not being the glorious cavalier self-styled underdog team it’s OK and cool to like. The same punters who cooed over the Tic’s glorious failure in Seville. “Ah, we lost, but we did it in style” quoth they. Bollocks. Ironically, their talisman that night (top bloke, top pro, top player) Henrik ‘Magnificent 7’ Larsson disagreed with them. With the beach balls still blowing about the park, he dismissed some balloon Scottish reporter who tried to sugar the bitter pill of defeat by claiming it had all been a ‘great adventure’. Larsson reminded him in no uncertain terms that he’d take a winners’ medal over misguided romanticism any day of the week. And that’s the difference. Born winner. Something Scots could learn from. Of course maybe we ought to happy with a ‘wee dram’ and our memories of Archie Gemmell’s wonder goal to sustain us for the next trillion years. Oh and by the way…the thrust of this applies equally to the idiot huns who’d support anyone over Celtic in Europe. Here endeth the rant.


  2. It may be ugly, but it’s hard to deny the brilliance. You may beat one, perhaps two, teams of the caliber Rangers have conquered on a fluke, but you don’t advance all the way to a European final on luck. Sir Walter has lemons I’ll be damned if it isn’t the best lemonade I’ve tasted! Here’s hoping the consistently stout defense can handle a red-hot Zenit side!


  3. I actually think I understated my point of view, I am delighted – really – actually almost delirious about this. The fact that my foot crosses the threshold letftward is, to me, unremarkable.

    `Mon the huns.


  4. Ok – fantastic organising and man-management ability. Getting this team of decent but skillfully limited players to a European final is, quite frankly, staggering.

    But….”Scottish football has ever enjoyed?”



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  6. Perhaps everyone has forgotten about the greatest manager in football ever being somewhat scottish. Sir Alex Ferguson took Aberdeen from nowhere to greatness, and turned Man Utd from relegation battlers to arguably the best team in the world. Walter who? Walter who was only succesful with a pot of gold behind him when the closest challengers, Celtic were in financial difficulty, Walter who deserted the best job any trueScot could have to join a mediocre underachieving Rangers,Walter who went to England and was found out because he had no money to buy his way out of trouble. Eerie how things havent changed. Fergie had no money at St Mirren, Aberdeen or when he started at Man Utd and the vast sums of money he commands today are on the back of his own achievements. So when you compare a man who has earned success and a man who has bought it who is the greatest? So is Walter Smith the greatest manager ever to grace Scottish football? No is the answer any self respecting non biased football fan will tell you, not anywhere near it.


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