Britain’s got talent

Yes, I know, I should be reading Proust or old speeches by Churchill or the history of the Ming Dynasty or something similar, but this week I’ve watched quite a bit, but not all, of Britain’s Got Talent.

And, you know what, despite some of it being truly awful, it is actually a heartelt and great piece of TV.

This is what ITV is invented for and why it still exists.

Simon Cowall calms it down; Piers Morgan grows even more likeably into his public persona, free of the shackles of editorship, and Amanda Holden is just a genuinely nice person that usuallly reflects the mood of the public.

I like this programme.

A truly adorable young lad, bullied at school, and singing soprano won on Monday night and must be the favourite.

Tonight a 12 year old schoolgirl (also a soprano) won by miles. It has to be said she does not look or act like a 12 year old. 26? OK, I’ll buy that.

My money’s on the boy.

7 thoughts on “Britain’s got talent

  1. I’m going for the girl. She’s incredible. What an amazing find.

    The show works great when it’s live…. like last night when Amanda told Piers “It’s not arrogance” when the singer/magicians were on. (Not arrogant but pretty bloody stupid.)

    For the Royal Variety show, I’d like to see Michael Jackson and the Janitor!


  2. I voted for Andrew, phoned in twice and once for MJ and the Jani. My friends wanted George to win, so they were delighted.
    Anyway Simon Cowell will be rubbing his hands with glee getting ready to sign them all.


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