lower case football nomenclature

My mate Kenneth Fowler who writes all of his rather excellent blog in lower case and all his comments on my blog in lower case phoned me at half time last night full of excitement because the Chelsea players’ names on their strips were in lower case as had been both Zenit St Petersburg’s and Rangers’. And, of course Zenit won – in lower case.

“That means Chelsea (sorry chelsea) are going to win” he predicted

Well, chelsea lost kenneth and MAN UTD WON. so that’s the end of that little theory

In future could you please follow the English language code and post in upper and lower case on my blog. You make it untidy!

Sir Bobby, Sir Alex, Sir Ryan, Sir ronaldo

It was a geat, throbbing Champions league final between the British giants. At least there were some British players on the pitch.

Man U destroyed Chelsea in the first half but to their credit Chelsea dominated the second.

But maybe it was a night of destiny? Too many coincidences?

The 50th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, which marked Britain’s early dominance in Europe (The Cabbage were right up there though).

Sir Bobby, at trackside, surviving the Munich air disaster and then going on to lift the cup in 1968, only a year after Celtic.

Ryan Giggs, the ultimate professional, beating Sir Bobby’s atttendance record in such a momentous match.

Sir Alex, winning a European trophy in his third decade running and inspiring a great team to greatness.

And Ronaldo, scores a beauty and misses Man U’s only penalty. Can you conceive of how unfair a postscript on his season that would have been?

It were a roller coaster.

And at the end of the day you have to say: it was style over wallet.

9.43pm. First part of prediction correct.

Bugger. Wish I’d had a bet


As I predicted 2 hours ago Man U would take lead and Chelsea Equalise.  Ok, I got the scorers wrong.  Here’s hoping part two comes true.

Man U win 4 – 1.

Truth is, I think it needs a readjustment, so my betting in running is 2 – 1 Man U with Ronaldo sealing a double.

Suntrap Open Day Sunday 25 May

We’ve all been busy at Suntrap getting ready for the annual open day next Sunday. If you’d like to visit it’s on between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm.

There will be demonstrations on how to plant up hanging baskets and containers. Of course, if you can’t be bothered with the hassle of doing it yourself you could simply buy one. There’s also a demonstration from the Scottish Bonsai Association who house their collection of bonsai’s at Suntrap.

You might simply just fancy a stroll through the grounds looking at the beautiful plants and statues.

Or have a wee seat with a cup of tea and some home baking and watch the world go by.  Whatever, we’d love to see you there. If you would like more information have a look at the blog.

Welsh rare bit

Wouldn’t it be nice if Cardiff City took the FA Cup out of England on Saturday?

Nothing against Portsmouth because if they win it takes it out of the big 4.

Me though?

I’m with my Celtic cousins.