You wonder whether the fight to beat Clinton has taken too much out of him.  OK, America probably wants a break from conservatism, and McCain is about as enticing as Hilda Ogden in a rainstorm but it’s still a big ask.

And, oh it’s been a right riveting nomination campaign.

But let’s not forget he is black and there is a mountain of opposition to that.

However, I think it is a rather exciting political development and that he is, potentially, the man.

Bring it on.

(This is clearly the sort of post that one might look back on in years to come as supremely visionary or supremely foolish.  Pray God it is the former.)

5 thoughts on “Obama

  1. That’s a really interesting link James. The article got it all right (in terms of a prediction.) I like their observation that Obama doesn’t run on ‘Black ticket’ and that blacks are more afraid of voting for him in case he screws it up. Certainly his campaign wasn’t all about freedom from the oppression of slavery which was a big refief.

    I like him. I can’t bear McCain – but I like his oven chips.

    Here’s to the big O!


  2. Since when has being astute mattered to the US public? Dubya? Two terms? Jeez!

    Kennedy was the Zeus of the charismatic oratory and one of the most astute politicians of the 20th century. He was also wet behind the ears when it came to being President. That’s not a good reason to pass on their appointment (Tony Mowbray at Hibs, Mark ;o) ).

    Obama should be taken at face-value, just as Kennedy was, and be given the opportunity to listen and learn over 4 years as well as deliver the big decisions.

    Granted, I know what you’re saying on speeches; Adolf Hitler was also a master of the charismatic oratory at a time when the country craved change.

    But I think Obama listens as much as, if not more than, he speaks.

    You gotta listen in his position (great rhyme, Jamesy!).

    Oh yes….L I S T E N….


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