The perfect Father’s Day.

I had a delightful Father’s day spent mostly with Jeana as our three children were working (Amy), sleeping over (Ria) and not talking to me (Tom).

So, we went and met an old pal, Steven Tait, who was back in Scotland for a few days from Australia en-route to the Cannes Ad festival.

We had a really nice time spending a few hours in the wonderful Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

Followed by a trip to a Wood Festival full of hippies that was actually good fun.

Then to the Mother-in-laws for a wee nip.

Finally, home to open my Father’s Day pressie from the kids.

A chrome and black fire pit.  What self respecting dad would not have one of those to go with his barbie?

Sat in the garden for hours reading, looking at the sky, listening to music and football and generally chilling out with, at times, the kids.