I predicted in January that Tiger Woods would win three of the four majors this year.

I thought the US Open and The Masters were certainties but I was, in a way, pleasantly surprised when Trevor Immelman proved me wrong by being the only person to beat Tiger in The Masters.

So for Tiger to then to go off from Augusta for an invasive knee operation made my prediction look pretty unlikely, given that the US Open was only some 8 weeks later.

Despite the fact that he had not played golf between the two Majors he was still sent off favourite last weekend.

The fact that he won it was remarkable enough.  But that he had to play an extra 19 holes (and birdie the 18th on both his 4th and 5th rounds just to stay in the tournament) sets him up as one of the greatest athletes the world has ever seen.

And let’s not be coy about this.  He is an athlete.

And a very brave man.  He was in agony throughout this tournament and yet still went on to win his 14th Major; three years ahead of Niclaus.

Oh, it’s exciting, so exciting, watching history being set (in slow motion).