Queensferry High – School of ambition

We went to see Amy in the Senior School’s show tonight, having seen Ria in the Lower School’s excellent ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ last week. The older pupils write, direct, choreograph and costume their own shows, three in all, one by each house.

Inevitably it’s hard to know where us dads should look at times with all that dancing about in skimpy dresses.

And that’s just the boys…

Anyway. It was excellent entertainment and a credit to the heidy; Mr Birch and his drama department.

I am constantly amazed by the standard of teaching at Queensferry High. The performances and turn out tonight showed just how amazingly the school has integrated itself into our community. Something to be really proud of.

Oh, and both Amy and Ria were brilliant.

Joan as Policewoman’s new cracker

On the subject of female singer songwriters…here’s another one.

The second album by Joan as Policewoman will not go down well if you don’t like jazz. So don’t even go there. It isn’t an outright Jazz album, but it certainly leans in that general direction. She comes from a great musical stock having first come to my attention as one of Antony and the Johnston’s band members. And is currently supporting Rufus Wainwright who puts in an appearance on the new album. She was Jeff Buckley’s bird you know.

Her debut, ‘Real Life’ last year firmly put her on the map in her own right

The new one, ‘To survive’ is an absolute peach. Languid, free-flowing and lush with unconventional song structures. It’s not all verse-chorus and makes for a very easy listening experience

Great with a good book and a glass of red wine.

Try this for size – from Real life.


Aimee Mann returns to form

I’ve been getting a kicking from Fowlup for my dissing of The Fleet Foxes new and rather good, but not at all great album. And he hasn’t had the bottle to purchase the new Aimee Mann disc without the prior benefit of my outpourings. However, because he is sulking about my review of the FF’s (no, not the Foos) I suspect he will, in turn, seek to take an opposing line with my views on this.

I predict he will say “Ah, Gorman’s off on one of his female singer songwriter” things again. How dull.

Well, perhaps, but the fact is Aimee Mann has returned dramatically to form after the disappointment of The Forgotten Arm.

Her seventh, yes seventh, album “@#x%x*! Smilers” (despite a desperately bad title and sleeve) is a peach from the very first bars of the opener, Freeway. It’s a lush, subtle, melodic, brilliantly arranged mood piece that sits as a companion with with Batchelor No 2 her previous finest hour

Perhaps it’s her most mature work to date. And that wouldn’t be a surprise given that she’s been round the block a few times now.

I was fortunate enough to visit Victoria and Karl in Peterheed last week and amongst other things I played Karl a copy of this album and his view was that he thought he hated Aimee Mann but thought this was great.

It’s excellent stuff.

Don’t listen to Kenneth.

Listen to this…


OOOH a wee celebrity comment

Imagine my surprise when I saw that David Icke had decided to comment on one of my posts. The content blasts the unconfirmed banning of Holocaust teachings in British schools. You’ll find his comment at the end of the stream on this post.

He applauds the ultra right wing comments of previous contributor and fellow Holocaust denier – Dishpan from Namibia.

His views on alien abduction and the likes are pretty well known.

So, make your own mind up…

(Of course, it might be an elaborate hoax at Ickey’s expense. But that’s the problem when you nail your colours to a hugely unpopular mast isn’t it.)