As time goes by

The anniversary of my dad’s death looms large and as a mark of respect my mum and dad’s dear friend Sylvia Morrison cooked up a plan some time ago that came to fruition tonight.

She and her husband Gagy used to have the occassional snifter with my mum and dad in the Theatre Royal Bar of an afternoon. Next to the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre, it features a host of Playhouse performers’ signed and framed photos.

Sylvia felt my dad, as a ‘Local Hero’, should take his place for immortality, among the greats. And so plans were set in place to gain him a berth on the walls.

My pal, Jim Downie, beautifully designed a tribute to him and whilst this photo can never do it credit it might give you a wee taster to have a look yourself.

On the night over 100 people showed for a fantastic get togetherof family, friends and FCT.

It was magic.

We toasted Pego with an oggy, oggy oggy.

Oy, oy oy.

Yah beauty

A nice plus was that his picture replaced Burt Bacharach’s so, by way of an apology to Burt I think we need to enjoy some of his wonderousness.

For me, his collaboration with Elvis Costello is peerless.

Here’s a wee bit…

On the way home we collectively had our first ever Deep Fried Mars Bar.  Ria loved it.  The rest of us were less dismissive than we should have been.

7 thoughts on “As time goes by

  1. I spoke to yer Mum today. She said she might see so and so “tonight”.
    I thought nothing of it.
    The missus said Kerry-Ann asked her at work today if we were going to the Peter Gorman picture unveiling at some theatre tonight.
    “I’m unaware of such an event – what theatre?”, I replied. “The Theatre Royal”. “The pub?” “Dunno, I’ll ask Kerry-Ann”. 2 minutes later….”Yes, the pub”.

    Then I rendezvous with Phil Lewis at Bangholm for the great photo hunt and he asks if I’m going to the thing Sylvia has organised. Thought it might be a close family/friend private gathering.

    Sorry I missed it but will blip the wall of fame soon. Been in there on a few occasions and love the pictures of the stars.

    oggy, oggy oggy.

    Oy, oy oy.

    Yah beauty


  2. Glad it was well attended last night, sorry I couldn’t make it.

    A fitting tribute!

    I’ll get along ther and have a pint with your old man soon!


  3. Nearly a year already? I still remember when Mimi came back from your fathers funeral. I have rarely heard her so animated about anyone before (or since).

    I joined 1576 too late to be witness to legendary Father Christmas, so I never met or knew Peter Gorman. I really wish I had. So next time I pass the Theatre Royal bar, I am going to make a point of popping in, getting two drams of something nice (I hear he liked a wee dram..) and will pay him my respects. god bless.


  4. Sending love today to all Gormans.

    Will toast Peter tonight at the Starbank for sure!

    Can’t really believe a year has passed already.

    Love, Di XX.


  5. This day last year I text half a dozen people to suggest a quiet drink in the Starbank till we all came to terms with the devastating news.

    85 people turned up and over-ran the place!

    this year I’m tellin’ no-one.


    Quiet drink anyone?

    8pm ish


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