22 dreams by Paul Weller

I have an ambivalent attitude to Paul Weller.

I don’t know why, because you could fill several CD’s with his highly enjoyable ‘best of’… However, I think he blows a bit hot and cold for me; maybe it’s just because he’s had such a phenomenal output in volume terms (even this album has a collosal 21 tracks).

Wildwood was classy.

I liked some, but not much, of Style Council, I liked some, but not all, of The Jam.

So, this stunning album, (I was prompted to buy it on the back of seeing him live on TV a couple of times, but more significantly by the outstanding single, ‘Have you made up your mind.“) has really taken me by surprise.

It’s massively varied, although it has a strong rock backbone to it.

It’s not a life-changing record but it is a very, very good one by a man who has had more iterations than a highly iterative thing.  Like a website for example.

Try it.  You might like it.

Here’s the stunning single I referred to.


3 thoughts on “22 dreams by Paul Weller

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