spain win euro 2008 in spite of being perennial underachievers. Will they lose that tag forever?

So, the perennial underachievers who perennially underachieve didn’t perennially underachieve in a competition that perennial underachievers rarely achieve in. But as perennial underachievers against the strongest of final perennal achievers they achieved a great deal for perennial underachievers. In fact they achieved the ultimate achievement for underachievers; they achieved.

What are our perennially underachieving commentators gonna say about the perennial underachievers at the next tournament when as ex-perennial underachievers they can no longer be described as perennial underachievers?

If they win it, they might become perennial achievers but, of course, if they fail they will, once again, regain the perennial underachievers tag; principally because they’ll have entered the tournament as the most likely to achieve and have then underachieved.

It was a great game, a great tournament and, throughout, the perennial underachievers deserved to achieve.

Thank the lord that they did.

If, for no other reason than my sanity.

Glastonbury 2008

I called the kids into the living room to watch Amy Winehouse’s performance. Not as a matter to laugh about but to see what the horrors of drugs does to people.

Her presence at Glastonbury may have been in the face of medical advice given that she ‘allegedly’ is suffering from Emphysema but it was apparent to all that the drugs have taken hold.

It was very sad.

Not only did she fidget uncontrollably with her clothing throughout but she also appeared to punch somebody in the audience having been physically helped from the stage to get nearer her ‘fans’,

A third album will be a miracle. I have to say I very much doubt we will ever encounter it.

Jay Zee was an interesting choice as Saturday night headliner and, for me, only really worked in parts.

My favourite moment (apart from Hot Chip dueting with Wiley) was Ethiopiques on the World Stage.

My mate Jon Stevenson is there. At least he won’t get foot rot this year.

Oh, and the 30 seconds of Massive attack that I saw looked good.