Glastonbury 2008

I called the kids into the living room to watch Amy Winehouse’s performance. Not as a matter to laugh about but to see what the horrors of drugs does to people.

Her presence at Glastonbury may have been in the face of medical advice given that she ‘allegedly’ is suffering from Emphysema but it was apparent to all that the drugs have taken hold.

It was very sad.

Not only did she fidget uncontrollably with her clothing throughout but she also appeared to punch somebody in the audience having been physically helped from the stage to get nearer her ‘fans’,

A third album will be a miracle. I have to say I very much doubt we will ever encounter it.

Jay Zee was an interesting choice as Saturday night headliner and, for me, only really worked in parts.

My favourite moment (apart from Hot Chip dueting with Wiley) was Ethiopiques on the World Stage.

My mate Jon Stevenson is there. At least he won’t get foot rot this year.

Oh, and the 30 seconds of Massive attack that I saw looked good.

34 thoughts on “Glastonbury 2008

  1. hahhaa..u r an evil crazy pyso women leave amy alone 4 gods sake..u eva thought hw ud feel if u wer seen as summit u c her as,done say she s becum wat she has becuz of herself,cuz she hasnt,her past wasnt very good and her hubbies in jail underneat all that wonder and wackiness of hers theres a sad girl crying who wont stop unless peop,e accept her 4 ho she is and people like U! dont go saying shit like u have ..OK!
    if i find out that youve said anyd=fin like ive read in this stupid lil ‘thing’of ures’i willl find u and make u apologise 2 me! and Amy.
    thanks alot and i hope u wake up 2morrow wiv a bad taste in ure mouth after reading ure’thing’ ova,
    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii u smeu!!!!


  2. I think you will find that I was feeling very sorry for her as opposed to slagging her. It is a tragedy and whoever is supposed to be looking after her doesn’t exactly appear to be on top of things.

    I think she is a brilliant artist and singer hence the reason it is so tragic.

    Oh and by the way, I’m not a crazy evil pyso [sic] woman. I ain’t even a women.

    Yo, ova an out, innit.



  3. Definitely no footrot and just a hint of sunburn.
    I sound like my dad when I say a lot of bands sound the same but they do. Highlights for me were Groove Armada, Seasick Steve, Vampire Weekend and the Boat Band (they’re from Cumbria I think and do really good Cajun stuff). My cultural adviser really liked Goldfrapp as well (although why she – Goldfrapp, not my cultural adviser – had bikini clad girls pole dancing on stage with her was lost on me.)


  4. And further more….. Drugs are rampant in our world today. They are taking a lot of our young people that find them interesting.. I agree with whoever said she is going down the same path as Janis Joplin.. She was also a butt ugly woman. The drugs make you look like your favorite alien from another world. LOL


  5. I am listening to her second album right now…
    so beautifull…hope you didnt show to you child how wonderfull her music is, they might make bad association…


  6. Amy Winehouse is in no state to decide what is good for her, she is a drug addict. Drug addicts just keep doing drugs that’s why they are drug addicts. Someone should take control and take Amy to re-hab, or she will keep saying no no no until she’s dead.
    Wake up Amy’s Dad or Friend or who ever cares for her!


  7. i love amy..i hurd she said sum rascist shit but it dont bother me..she wudnt be rascist if she met sorry that she’s goin what she goin threw..i got a big crush on amy..and thats just fucked up everyone wants to talk hela shit about her smokin already bad enough she smokin crack.why add more to the fire.see if i was blake..i wudda seen that crack pipe and shashed it ..and poured all the other shit down the drian..she just nees sumone to love her…drugs fill in the spots that are voided in your life for the time while ur high..she must not be gettin enough tlc at home…i wud treat amy like my queen..she wudnt even wanna do crack never again…peace from the u.s. richmond california…tell amy i love her and to call me..510-478-5629


  8. Poor little Amy Winehouse, she’s a charm, I just hope the world doesn’t lose our little songbird. When she took the grammys this year I was thrilled. She’s our little ‘rebel without a cause’ songstress and perhaps if the those harsh and cruel critics out there would put a little heartfelt compassionate energy in cheering for her recovery rather than laughing at her destruction, we might all be in for some wonderful music in the future. The self righteous daddys girl Natalie Cole is no better t a heroin addict than amy and she will always will be one. Just spike her once and see where she ends up. No reports on Amy slagging her though, telling the world she wasn’t worthy of her awards…. but I guess if your daddy was a famous crooner instead of a working class cockney, the world doesn’t judge you so badly!


  9. Wow, if you are going to take the time to make a complete idiot out of yourself then I believe that you should probably use full words! I don’t even care about full sentences! Please don’t be mean to the words they did nothing to you!!


  10. Amy puts her music out there not her personal life. If any of you know her and her life personally than please do share, but otherwise- stick to judging yourself please. I hope she finds peace and reason but whatever she finds – she has shared an enormous amount of talent and vitality with the world – more than most consumed, robotic, worker bees of the world.


  11. people, please beg this amazing voice to understand that there’s really no need for all the drugs. Focus on trying to help as against experimenting with her. Give her some love. Im her most recent fan and i dont think i will ever get enough of her. I wish i could help her.


  12. I am so sad for her… she is one of a kind 🙂 Take care of yourself Amy you are looking so beat up for your age.. .ur a beautiful person stop the abuse


  13. I think your a shite publicist. and its people like you that make Amy Winehouse as insecure as she is…Just so that you can get a quick bit of media attention. Sad..Very sad.


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