Courtesy of The Culture Show tonight I realised that 2008 is the 60th anniversary of 1984.  Surely Channel 4 could have made some sort of nod in that direction in BB9’s marketing.

Nah.  It’s too moronic.

Anyone for tennis?

I passionately support any Scottish sportsman, no matter the sport. So, who better to get behind than Andy Murray who is not only a very talented tennis player and, no question, the greatest ever Scottish tennis player (Elena Baltacha deserves a mention though)

His win last night was quite remarkable and his passion incredible.

His aggression/commitment which I share in anything I do was noteworthy.

And he got the crowd pumped up and passionate.

So, why is it he leaves me so cold?

I found his pumping unalluring. In fact it was close to ridiculous. I also think he’s a sulky wee git, despite what his mum says.

Och, Andy, I wish I was more behind you. But good luck anyway against Nadal. I don’t give him much chance though. Nadal wins in four.

My regret of Wimbledon was not backing Venus to win at about 8 to 1. Great bet.