My poor son, Tom, has missed a little in life.

For instance, when he asked me tonight…”What time is it?” and I answered “Three hairs past a freckle!”  he simply didn’t understand what I was talking about.

Everyone knows though that ‘three hairs past a freckle’ is 10.15 and that two moles past a pimple is 10.30.

For the record, three hairs past a pimple is 1.45 and a freckle past a pimple is 5.30.

11 plooks is, obviously, noon and, 6 boils, is midnight.

2 freckles past a rash is 2.30 and an ingrown toenail before a 5 o’clock shadow is six o’clock.


Young people nowadays.

renaming my blog

My French pal Helene tells me that Gibberish is a better word if pronounced gibbergibberish.

They’re totally nuts the French.

Apparently it’s all William Shatner’s fault.

They say Leonard Nimmoy was nice to his girlfriend, but William Shatner.

I wonder if she’s peckpeckish when she’s hungry.

Or is it supercalafragalisticexpialiexpialidocious?

Apparently one day we’re getting the Franglish dictionary by Helene Aubrit.

It’s gonna be called the Frangfranglish Dictionary.