Hearts reserves 2 – 1 Rangers

Smells of pish and ham.


That’s pathetic.

But at least Romanov might recoup some of his utter embarrassment at Hearts.

As for Celtic?  Ho, ho, ho.

The bottom line?

Hibs – a European disaster.

Rangers – A European calamity.

Dundee Utd – Another European embarassement.

It’s a long way from Old Trafford isn’t it.

2 thoughts on “Hearts reserves 2 – 1 Rangers

  1. Out before the Olympics start
    Out before the weans go to school
    Out before the SPL starts
    Out before Big Brother finishes
    Oh, and best of all,
    Out before Queen of the South

    Heh, heh, heh

    Still, “they’ve got the greatest football manager Scottish football has ever enjoyed”, so every cloud…..;o)

    (Can’t believe you’re suggesting my big pal smells of pish and ham, lol!)


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