James Benamore – Secret Millionaire

James Benamore. £136k light of his £77 million fortune.

James Benamore. £136k light of his £77 million fortune.

The 30 year old MD of The Richmond Group, James Benamore, was the latest millionaire to grace the screens of this wonderful programme.

Into its third series I can’t help thinking that some of the potential beneficiaries are pitching to the producers which loses some of its spontaneity.

Nevertheless, the sheer emotion that the programme generates can be overwhelming.

He was a good guy, was James Benamore.  An ex-wild child he went to Mosside in Manchester and found real and realistic charities to support.  A very likeable and genuine man.

Good on ya Jamesey.

7 thoughts on “James Benamore – Secret Millionaire

  1. Yes, well done James. A genuinely good egg. But all these acts of altruism against a backdrop of rapacious bare knuckle capitalism suggests everything’s gone a bit 19th century. And the yawning chasm twixt rich and poor has grown ever larger thanks to the anti-Spartist agenda of Blair, Broon et al. Which means my extensive collection of Victoriana will soon be worthless. Curse you, liberal western socio-economic structure! Not to worry. With my new series The Secret Tramp, I’ll be quids in. It’s me disguised as a millionaire, mixing it with toffs – only to reveal myself as a pauper at the last moment after making off with their Caravaggios, Bentleys and bling. Now all I need are a few millionaires…up for it Mark?


  2. Can you help rescue a small dog rescue centre which is indesperate need to expand to cope with the neglected and abused animals. We are trying very hard to raise money for a new rescue centre and are walking Offa’s dyke and badly need sponsers.


  3. i only have 1 day left then my house goes in to foreclouse all because lose of job and medical i have lost 14 pounds and dont eat much because if i lose my house i lose my family if i had a million i would save my house and then help others save there but im not and i can i feel like i dont have much of a chance to be happy any more sad deanna and wants to give up


  4. This man is a scum bag, his companies have stolen money off me twice, different companies but owned by him. Any one there dont use Unsecured Loans, FLM or Yes loans


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