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turtle's head

turtle's head

My little sister, Emily, is working at a zoo just now as a Veterinary nurse.  She was given a relatively easy task this morning when the BBC were in filming a Rolf Harris type programme.

As staff, she was asked to stroke the Giant Tortoise, that was the subject of the article. However, part way through the filming she realised that the rather large fellow’s head was of a bell end shape and he seemed to be enjoying it rather a lot.  As she said to me, and I quote “I felt rather uncomfortable cupping my hand round the shaft of its neck.”

I’ll let you know as soon as it makes it onto BBC.

Tom Daley no more



I thought it was a novel concept to listen to synchronised diving on the radio.  BBC Five Live covered Tom Daley’s exploits in detail this morning.  The commentary went something like this.

“And he’s jumping up and down in anticipation of the dive and he’s up in the air…splash…and he’s dived.”  Pause.  “That was a mediocre reverse pike with full twist and…oh dear…another bad score.”  Pause “Well, it’s only reallly a warm up for London 2012, we never expected him to do well anyway.”

Aye right.

One of the highest rated dives of the competition, by the Ruskies I think, was, to my admittedly untrained eye, completely unsynchronised.  Put it this way, one of the bloke’s bodies was at one point reading 6pm on the clock face while his partner was at 3.15.  They splashed down together and scored 92 points.

Am I missing something?