Learn with father

Fuck 'em.  Just drive confidently.  No one will ever notice.

just drive confidently.

On Sunday Amy is 17.

What does a 17 year old girl want to do most these days? Actually you’re wrong. She wants to learn to drive.

Amy’s Provisional license came through yesterday and so we went for it.

We got in the car and I taught her to drive.

Actually, you know what? I did!

She started the car without burning the starter motor out, she found the bite, she drove up and down the road; through the gearbox from first to third gear – up to 30mph.

And steered!

All in an hour.

I never shouted.

I didn’t panic.

We didn’t fall out.

We rock man!

Lewis Hamilton, eat your heart out.

(You know what? I was really proud of her.)

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