2012 olympics. London.

BBC bias.

Why oh why oh why does every event in Beijing have to allude to 2012 in London.  Please just let us enjoy these Olympics.


You know what it is.  It’s Britain’s endless ability to see itself as superior to the rest of the world.  And they’re scared.  These Olympics have been astoundingly good.  Forget the politics for a moment.  It has been a feast of sport in magnificent facilities with an opening ceremony that you simply could not have conceived of. So what does the BBC do?  It projects forward to 2012 in such a way that makes this Olympiad seem of secondary importance.

It insults me.

It insults Britain’s Olympic team.

It insults Beijing.

It sucks.

bolt of lightning

Who's the Daddy?

Who's the daddy?

I’ve just had the privelege of watching the Olympics 100 Metres Men’s final in which Usain Bolt not only rewrote the history books he rewrote how to run 100 metres.  First off a new world record.  Second, he did it winding down.  Thirdly, he had so much fresh air between him and second place that it was verging on embarrasing.

But the style?  It was simply beautiful.