Nick Leslau. secret millionaire.

The Chairman of Prestbury looking suitably suited, booted and tieless.

Watching this week’s Secret Millionaire put the series back on track for me.

It was starting to look staged.

Not this week.

Nick Leslau is a super rich property developer with a yacht in St Tropez and a lifestyle to die for. (We shouldn’t like him, should we!)

In the programme he gave across an air of inexperience when it comes to sharing his good fortune (not true in fact). But his honesty about his feelings towards the poverty he encountered in Glasgow’s Possil Park was totally refreshing and his humility throughout the programme was highly engaging.

But it was his humility that most stuck me.

His closest experience was with a group of disabled people and he opened up so frankly as to, no doubt, give his PRs heart failure. But he was simply reacting to what he saw in the most basic human way. His admittance that he ‘couldn’t deal with disabled people’ made him so real, so frank that you couldn’t fail but love him.

His gifts, as it happens, were super-generous but delivered with a plan.

This is a man I would dearly like to meet and tell him how good he is.

13 thoughts on “Nick Leslau. secret millionaire.

  1. What a really nice man Nick Leslau was. It brought tears to my eyes how very open and honest he was with his thoughts. Not only is he a millionair but someone who brought joy to others not thinking of himself and money. This was the best one i had seen and the blind man he donated money for guide dogs and a season ticket was superb what a lovely man this is one i wont forget.


  2. I think the financial commitment is fairly irrelevant. It was his attitude that impressed me. Also a very good interview with him (post series) in the Sunday Times this weekend added to my generally extremely positive disposition towards him.


  3. I’m from Holland and I just say the show. I would say. This man has his heart on the right place. Really a great guy. And if I could, I would personely thank him for being so generous to all those people he never met before in his life because he gave them something that they never will forget. A true GENTLEMEN.


  4. I am a brood bitch holder for the Guide Dogs and was privileged that some of the money Nick gave went on sponsoring one of my dogs litter, a gorgeous puppy called “Nick” he was the star of teh show in the Xmas special. This programme really bought home to myself and my children the importance of our role within Guide Dgs and that the cute and adorable (if pesky) little pups we look after for the first 6-7 weeks of their lives really can make a huge difference to some ones life. Thanks Nick for being generous of money but more importantly generous of heart and spirit.


  5. nick is a fab guy who deservise respect, (you might think he is a fame seeking twat according to the press)Let me tell you he is not, take it from someone who was there nick is ab fab guy who has both feet on the ground, amyone who thinks this setimation is wrongfeel free to argue but if someone prove’S me wrong you may prove me right Good Luck w


  6. Nick you are a fantastic human being and I salute you. I am a South African who has just watched SECRET MILLIONAIRE (12 December 2010) and I am so impressed with you. IN fact, is there ANY chance that I can speak with YOU as it will make my day My email is and if you can email me it will be the highlight of my life. Come on and do it. Regards Richard


  7. i know Nick and familly , i was her skipper to mimi la sardine
    and is a very great man and familly
    hi jojo !!!litttle big man !!!
    love u


  8. if i had a million dollars i would save my house i have 2 days and then i lose my house and then i would save others from the same thing. i feel like i have nothing anymore and that im worthless and im a loser all i want is to save my house and help others thank you deanna wheeler


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