game on

Just when we all thought Obama had nailed it (short of assasination) McCain pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

Now, this is an interesting development.

Sarah Palin has a CV to die for.

She’s a much lauded Alaskan Governor.  Check.

She’s a Christian.  Check.

She’s an ex beauty queen.  Check.

Obviously she’s a woman.  Check.

She’s sporty.  Check.

She’s in a steady and long term relationship.  Check.

She’s a mother of five.  Check.

One of her kids is going to Iraq in a few months.  Check.

One of them is disabled.  Check.

However the whole thing is all a bit random.  McCain has only met her once so one could hardly describe this as a meeting of minds.  She makes Obama look blessed with foreign affairs acumen and she’s called her kids Track, Piper, Bristol, Willow and Trig. (!)

I’m looking forward to this…

2 thoughts on “game on

  1. “Just when we all thought Obama has nailed it.” Interesting choice of words, Mr G, and reflective of the British media’s handling of the US elections. I have an American friend who says the two candidates are actually pretty much neck and neck. I googled “Obama vs McCain polls” and it turns out that Obama is in the lead, but only narrowly.


  2. Just back from Chicago where I caught some TV…and got very excited as ABC flashed up “Palin to speak in 20 minutes” and there was a countdown clock! I was really looking forward to words of wisdom from my favourite Python and some welcome relief from nonstop election coverage…..but of course it wasn’t him was it!


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