top placed medal finish so far.

12th.  not bad for a useless twat.

12th. not bad for a useless idiot.

Well, I’m 46 and I’ve been a member of Dundas Parks for 9 years.

The weather was grim.

The course played tough.

But I ground out, not my best medal score ever today but, my best placed finish.

OK it was a so what 12th.  But if you were as familiar with last place as I am you’d be pretty chuffed about that.

I am.

RJ- a rock musical

We went to see this on Friday night,  It was the Scottish debut of a new version of Romeo and Juliet, written by Joy Ardy and A W Milburn and it was performed by the Lothian Youth Arts and Musicals Company.

It was magic.

I’m close to youth theatre as a result of my FCT connections and we ‘youth theatrists’ have a snooty way of dismissing others, especially those in our back yard – but I honestly thought this was a great piece of theatre.

The Script/score/libretto is excellent merging, as it does, modern rock/pop with digestible tracts of Wm Shakespeare’s original dialogue.

The music is particularly excellent, which is saying something if you see a musical ‘cold’.

The group were outstanding too.  It’s the first time I’ve seen a Lothian Youth show and the first big impact was the size of the cast.  Huge.  72 I reckon.  But the large stage of Edinburgh’s Churchill Theatre just about coped.

The performances of all the principals were excellent but a few points need made.

Firstly, their age (many were 21) made the performances more mature and I think it was important that they could get their heads round the heavily skewed Shakespearian content.

Secondly, Mercutio and Benvolio were HILARIOUS.  I honestly never thought I’d say that about anything Shakespearaen, but they really nailed the humour of the parts and the directors must take some credit for that.

Lastly, both Romeo ( Craig Young) and Juliet ( Alison Corbett) were outstanding.  In particular Craig Young who is a major talent.

One negative point.  I didn’t like the costumes.  Uninspiring and random.

I will certainly attend future Lothian Youth productions as it was a great night out.

The unremarkable



Why did Rachel win Big Brother?  In what is essentaiially a freak show a freak usually does well.  But Rachel is just a kinda ordinary wannabe. This year’s BB was relatively normal in comparison to other years, but the shortlist had its share of annoying twats and suoeregos.  The fact that the quiet one won surprised me.

Does it say anything about the great British public I wonder?

In these nervous fiscal times are we more drawn to common sense and realism than showboating and excess?

Who knows.  But that wee Rachel.  She was nice. So that’s nice.  Isn’t it.


Andy Murray

At the time of writing Andy Murray has one foot in the final of the US Open.

The difference between Andy Murray and the Scottish Football team is that he gives a fuck.  Yes, he gets sponsored and all that, but every game he plays takes him up or down the rankings.

Professional footballers have a different perspective on life.

On a phone in on Radio Sotland today this was clearly illustrated when the callers were asked to describe the most unusual place they’d seen a celebrity.

‘On the pitch at Parkhead’ was the citing of Bobo Balde by one wag.  But it’s true.  That’s the sort of crap club supporters have to put up with.

That’s why the Scottish performance against Macedonia was so disappointing tonight.

Come on Andy.  Annoyingly I had you to win in 5 sets, not 3.