top placed medal finish so far.

12th.  not bad for a useless twat.

12th. not bad for a useless idiot.

Well, I’m 46 and I’ve been a member of Dundas Parks for 9 years.

The weather was grim.

The course played tough.

But I ground out, not my best medal score ever today but, my best placed finish.

OK it was a so what 12th.  But if you were as familiar with last place as I am you’d be pretty chuffed about that.

I am.

3 thoughts on “top placed medal finish so far.

  1. Not as chuffed as me – I won the September Medal on Saturday!
    A nightmare front half of 48 – including a 9 on your favourite hole – called for a change of tactics on the back 9. I informed my playing partner that I was going to resort to B.T.F. (Batter it to F**k) and duly came back in 39.
    A net 68 in the rain topped the rest of the dross on the day


  2. Revel in the glory of 12th. Why not? I don’t fault you for being chuffed. I’d be too. After only becoming seriously addicted to the game in the last 2-3 years, I just had my first round of 9 holes under 50 — 49, on a course I was playing for the first time — on Friday evening. So if I did belong to a club and did play in tournaments like this, I’d be a frequent resident of last place myself. So, yeah, live it up.


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