So, US congress reluctantly votes to bail out the world economy by getting tax payers to pay for Wall Street’s greed.

Meanwhile in the UK, the Labour party nationalises Bradford and Bingley witn taxpayers’ money.

Any thoughts on who lost out in all this greed?

Here’s a clue. It wasn’t anyone in the City or on Wall Street because lost jobs or otherwise, they’re all right Jack.

One thought on “un-limbo’d

  1. You have a point, but was there an alternative? Does anyone know what would have happened if we had done nothing and would that have been more prefereable. I am not an interventionist, nor do I agree with the principle of nationalisation, but, I also don’t know what the affect on confidence, other institutsions that we rely on such as insurers, banks etc., would have been if we had done nothing. At least the American’s appear to have included some clause to allow them to levy a penalty/charge on Wall Street firms, I don’t thing the UK government has.


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