Out of the mouth of babes

My mate Jamesy had this taut and philosophical conversation with his son Jacob the other day.  You can see  the photo that goes with it on his bliphoto blog here.  Or by clicking on the LL Cool J link on my blogroll.

Jacob: “Everyone’s annoying me”

Dad: “What, even me?”

Jacob: “No, just Mum”

It reminded me of a conversation that my mate Dave Amers had with his daughter some years ago, when she was about three.

On holiday abroad the two of them were strolling along the beach and he asked her what she wanted for dinner.  Getting no reply he pushed onwards.

“You having a nice time?’


“Do you like the Villa?”

“Yes, it’s really nie.”

“Mummy’s having fun eh?”


“This is great Emily. It’s like our first really grown up conversation. What do you think?”


American kids do this sort of thing on video.


And then they spoof it.  Which is rather amusing.