In Bruges

I think we saw the movie of the year tonight.

Brilliantly written, brilliantly acted. Screamingly, and I mean endlessly, laugh out loud funny. Achingly so. But dark, twisted, moralistic, beautiful.

Poor old Bruges. A beautiful place that is at the heart of a movie-long slagging. (I think the city got away with it though.)

(Full of Belgians though.)

This is a remarkable film. Colin Farrel is the best I’ve ever seen him. Certainly better than when he was trying to knock off his Mammy in ancient Rome.

Five star.

And of course. It’s all in the writing.

9 thoughts on “In Bruges

  1. I’ll bet for the first twenty minutes you weren’t sure – then wow – excellent.

    Farrell was very watchable but I really liked Ralph Fiennes doing his best Ben-Kingsley-Sexy-Beast.

    And it didn’t go all Hollywood-buddy-movie-ending.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this on release.


  2. Actually no James. I thought it was laugh out loud from the first frame. And sorry but the only bit I wasn’t so sure about was the slightly weak ending.

    It’s a great film and certainly one of my highlights of the year. Sadly though, it is up against No Country For old Men. (Or was that last year?)


  3. Don’t apologise, big man.

    Slightly weak ending? Perhaps. Expected, formulaic or predictable Hollywood buddy movie ending? Certainly not. Refreshing? Definitely.

    First twenty mins held together by 2 sound performances from the less-is-more school of acting and decent dialogue. Maybe I’m too selfish for action. I wasnae happy til they were doing lines of coke with the midget and the hookers. Says more about me, I guess ;o)

    Classy piece of work though.


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