So, you invest in some smart shirts, double cuffed and all that, and think you’ll be smart and presentable, a real swell.

And you decide to wear the aforementioned doublecuffery at a business event.  An event with an audience of 60 that you are chairing.

The SMA, to be precise.

So, that’s what happened.  I was hosting a Question Time (esque) event playing the David Bimbledy role when, about an hour in, I looked torso-ward, then quickly audience-ward, my old mucker Jon Stevenson caught my eye and smirked in sympathy.

The shirt may have been smart and lovely but my  belly had been fully and wholly unattractively exposed as the button at the point of most pressure (the belly button) had popped.

Class. (Thanks TM Lewin for your lack of button protection.)

Aside from Jon’s smirk, I may have got away with it.

Not mine, but you get the idea.

Not mine, but you get the idea.

The look

This is the look that reflects the feeling you have when your advertising has been nominated for an award. The look that reflects the fact that despite being the only nomination in the category the judges decide not to give it an award; but to highly commend it.

It is not a gracious look.

It is not a grown up look but, frankly, it is not a look that should have to happen.

My opinion? If a category has no work deemed good enough for an award then don’t nominate the best of the worst. No nominations. No bitter dissapointment. No griping.

I have been told I look unhappy in this photo. I was, but not as unhappy as my creative colleagues, Pete and Iain would have been had they attended the event.