The rise and fall of…le Bleu


Le Blue is an occasional concept band driven by Edinburgh based musician, Philip Lockwood Holmes. His second album, released via Google Checkout is now available and is an imaginative and pretty ambitious travelogue through the history of civilisations that have risen and fallen over the eons. Drawing on spoken word (in the same vein as Brian Eno and David Byrne’s seminal My Life in The Bush of Ghosts) it falls into a fairly laid back post-club groove in the most part with multi instrumentation and several (mostly) good vocalists. The stand out track, Rock in the Empire, in collaboration with Mark Zonda from Tiny Tide verges on Rock and Roll.

There’s an interesting blog about its creation here.

So we find ourselves in Peru, America, Rome and Egypt but the album hangs together nicely and is less ‘world music’ than the descriptions might suggest. If you like Groove Armada, of Four Tet I think you might like this.

Overall. It’s pretty damn cool.

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