The day after


The euphoria is over.  And I must admit I shed a few tears.

McCain has given a wonderfully dignified speech upon losing, but more dramatic still was Bush’s brilliant endorsement of Obama’s premiership and his call to arms, so that the current administration do not drop the ball in the 75 days leading up to his governorship.

I liked that.  That took humanity and a certain amount of pride-swallowing.

Good on ya dubbleya.

Hey, maybe we’ll all see the man in a new light.

Apparently Oliver Stone’s movie on the subject, starring Josh Brolin,  is by no means sycophantic but certainly sympathetic.


4 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Hey don’t get soft on us now! Bush is a wanker, pure and simple. He is the turd you can never flush. Let’s not go all gooey now he’s almost gone.


  2. Sometimes it takes a whole nation to compare you to Richard Nixon before a man finds humility and grace. I too shed a tear but only because perhaps we now too, as their no.1 western allie, can also start rebuilding our international reputation. And what better symbol of change from a folksy Texas puppet to the 1st Afro American president. Praise must indeed be shared with President Palmer and the script writers of 24 without whom….


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