Grace jones

I asked my daughter how old she thought Grace Jones was during her recent Jools performance. (The silver knickers showing was a touch OTT.)

“35 to 45?” She guessed.

She’s 60. And remarkable.

Now have a look at why she is so remarkable.

Indian pakistani border ceremony

Sanjeev Bhaskar is fronting a very good series on BBC just now giving his perspective on India, from the point of view of a very British Indian returning to his ancestral home. Last night he took in a fabulous ceremony on the Indian/Pakistani border that had me in stitches.

Here’s a bit of it, as previously picked up by Michael Palin.

It’s a treat.

Good car day

Amy got her first car today.

Do you think she’s pleased?


The great thing is that she’s been working for two years and saving up for a car and she was able to pay for it herself.

I was dead impressed with that.

Bad hair day

I’ve been cutting my own hair for years and last weekend, because it was my mother in law’s 80th birthjday I decided to tidy the back up a bit and so used it without the guard to make it that little bit smarter.


Not my most succesful attempt ever as I found out on arrival at the party.

Still, it gave the kids something to laugh about.