Recent reading. Sick Puppy by Carl Hiaasen


No way will this win the Booker. I can vouch for that because it was written several years ago, but really the reason it won’t win is because it is trash.

But a little bit of trash didn’t hurt anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this rather long but eternally amusing pulp fiction novel.

I read it as a follow up to Chuck Palanhiuk’s grisly, Haunted, and was warned that it outsicked Palanhuik. (it didn’t; not by a long way.)


But the truth is, neither can hold a candle to Katherine Dunn’s beautiful sickfest, and, in my experience the best sicko book of all time, Geek Love.


Geek Love is a masterpiece of sickness, but actually it has a beautiful core to it that neither Palanhuik or Hassian can remotely approach.

However, if you wanna read a right good, and a fun piece of trash about American politics read Sick Puppy.

Alternatively step up a gear and read Primary Colors by Anonymous.


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