Carol ann duffy poem

I saw this article in the Times today.  It’s a remarkable photo and a remarkable poem.  Carol Ann Duffy was asked to select a photograph from The Barbican’s War show of photos by Robert Capa, and write a poem to capture the ‘capture’.

I love the way the poem interprets the photo in paradox.  It counterpoints the face value interpretation(s) that one might reach with the harsh reality that this is a man captured at his moment of death.

I like the way that it disses the youth culture of today, a culture that is not encouraged to stop and reflect, merely to observe, glance, half consider, dismiss.


4 thoughts on “Carol ann duffy poem

  1. Hi Mark – I hadn’t seen this. A great poem from a real treasure (as you’d expect).

    I read an article on the subject of Capa’s Fallen Soldier in the last year or so, in some supplement or other. It debated the authenticity of the shot but the archived death of Federico Borrell García seemed to prove it authentic.

    This wordpress blog from a member of the media-ethics-police compiles a reasonably objective piece on it….

    Very much a photographic-Poirot investigation.


    • HI James & Mark, thanks for linking to my post(s) on the Capa photo controversy. I’m keenly waiting for the public reveal of the Mexican suitcase.

      But James, I’m not sure I like being referred to a the “media-ethics-police”. It implies that somehow I’m an enemy of freedom, which I am most definitely not.

      Ethical Martini


  2. Now you know the famous photo is a hoax.
    Emo Friedman (aka Robert Capa) fooled you.
    Just read the papers, no combat was fought where the photo belongs, Loma de las Dehesillas. The artist affirmed Cerro (hill) Muriano, Cordova.
    Open you eyes.

    My forefather’s town (Aliaga, Teruel) was captive of the republican troops.
    Save poetry for your own fallen soldiers,they really deserve it.

    Truth shall set you free.

    With due respect.


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